About Us

What is Mythical Technologies?

Mythical Technologies is a company from Coimbra, Portugal that is developing amazing software solutions since 2013.
We are the owner of Traderline application, the best trading application for Betfair Exchange.

What we do?

We build great software solutions.

Cross-platform Development

We have the knowledge to develop software for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.

Software for Sports Exchanges

The development of Traderline gave us enough knowledge to develop any kind of software for betting and trading on sports exchanges.

Web Development

We have the knowledge to make any kind of web platform or website that fits your company needs.

Our Main Product

Traderline Software

Traderline is trading software for the Betfair Exchange - perform trading with just one click! Traderline is simple and organized, so that you stay focused on what truly matters: the best odds and your bets.

Easy UI/UX

UI/UX for everyone.

One-click Trade

Fast & Secure Trading.


Football & Tennis Scores.

Fast Support

Available everyday.